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    Achieve the extraordinary

    We provide expert advice to C-level executives on their toughest strategic issues

    The consulting service vertical of our company is streamlined to address our client’s issues and requirements. Business consulting, performance consulting, strategy, transformation, sustainability, venture initiatives, customer strategy & marketing are some of the key areas that are targeted across industries and geographies. Our endeavor is to bring functional expertise accompanied by a more holistic approach and perspective


    Collaborating with visionary leaders. Our strategies are future-oriented and market tested
    We help you make the critical interdependent decisions necessary to succeed in today’s complex and uncertain world.

    Our team of 200+ professionals serves clients from industries as diverse as textiles, machine tools, apparel, agriculture, engineering, chemicals, food processing, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, telecom, education, BFSI, automobile, construction & infrastructure and FMCG.




    Strategy is extremely crucial in business consulting. The strategy should be able to guide allocation of resources and something which employees can relate to and execute. We believe that strategy is more than just a plan and it is our endeavor help companies by offering them strategies for their businesses.


    For businesses which are falling short of realizing their full potential, Enkrish has the perfect solution. We will guide you at every stage and offer cross-functional effort to help transform the strategic, financial and operational course of the company with positive results.


    Sustainability and corporate responsibility are two very critical components of any business. It is our responsibility to ensure that these very crucial elements are incorporated into the core segment of their strategy and becomes a part of a company’s culture.

    Customer Strategy and Marketing

    Customers are the most important element in any business. They are at the epicenter of all marketing strategies. Customers define markets and they influence supply of products and services.


    The advisory role is a prominent feature in business consultation. We offer professional advice on a plethora of issues brought forth by our clients. Enkrish offers expert knowledge and helps companies make the best decision to take their company forward.

    Performance Improvement

    In today’s highly competitive world, performance is of utmost importance. Enkrish prioritizes performance improvement and helps companies work in a fast-paced environment without compromising on quality.



    Strategy is our passion and creativity is the fuel- we are a group of dedicated individuals driven by our commitment to only create the most compelling marketing campaigns, the most effective branding strategies and enthralling content by using the best in class technology. We are fastest growing branding and digital marketing agency in Pune.

    Omkar Pethkar

    Consulting Lead
    As a young age business consulting expert, Omkar believes there is no limit to achieve anything. Helping customers manage outcome based programs to elevate the top-line revenue, he is very passionate about the net results in terms of $ value.

    Anant Lokapure

    Operations Lead
    Having a nick of making ordinary person deliver extra-ordinary results, Anant focusses on core capabilities and motivation to give the best.

    Pravin S. Lunkad

    Chief Promoter
    Well known entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience in various industry, Pravin considers Enkrish as the best opportunity to serve the customers and disseminate knowledge.


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