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    We work holistically across people, processes and business functions to ensure your initiatives are deployed, embraced and scaled for maximum Return of Investment.

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    An innovative process that optimizes people, technology, data and intelligence. Our automation services integrate analytics with AI and industry expertise.

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    We continually invest in modernizing our processes and expanding key competencies to help you – and your business – work better.

About ENKRISH Automation Services

Over the years automation has garnered significant importance and we are proud to offer our customized automation services to client from across industries. We strive to provide outstanding solutions to the automation needs of companies who are seeking to replace manual processes with automation ones. It allows employees to add more value by automating tasks related to transactions, patient requisitions, customer facing processes etc. Automation can contribute to greater efficiency and help save time thereby generating increased revenue.


Benefits of ENKRISH Automation services

100% Data Validation

Validate 100% of the data and not just a few rows.​

Cost Reduction

Reduces cost by automating the test case execution.


Testing automation enables repeatability of tests.

Time to Market

Reduces time to market by shortening the testing time.


Data Science

Given the impact on customer experience, operations, supply chain, revenue, risk management etc., data science has now emerged as a major area of technology investment. It implies a data-centric decision making process for organizations.

Machine Learning

Efforts to automate machine learning started in early 2010 and have made significant headway. The basic idea behind machine learning automation is equip scoring models with different algorithms with different hyper-parameters and also validate their accuracy to select the best model.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and automation both are associated with software robots and other machines aimed at making operations more efficient, effective and less time consuming.

Data Ecosystems

Data ecosystem refers to a collection of applications, infrastructure and analytics used to capture and process big data. Ecosystems evolve over a period of time to provide insights.




Strategy is our passion and creativity is the fuel- we are a group of dedicated individuals driven by our commitment to only create the most compelling marketing campaigns, the most effective branding strategies and enthralling content by using the best in class technology. We are fastest growing branding and digital marketing agency in Pune.

Pravin S. Lunkad

Chief Promoter
Well known entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience in various industry, Pravin considers Enkrish as the best opportunity to serve the customers and disseminate knowledge.

Anant Lokapure

Operations Lead
Having a nick of making ordinary person deliver extra-ordinary results, Anant focusses on core capabilities and motivation to give the best.

Omkar Pethakar

Consulting Lead
As a young age business consulting expert, Omkar believes there is no limit to achieve anything. Helping customers manage outcome based programs to elevate the top-line revenue, he is very passionate about the net results in terms of $ value.


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